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Portugal 360º

"It is quite common, that the Communities spread throughout the world, and in Brazil is not different, invite Portuguese artists to mitigate the longing inherent to the immigrant, in general.
However, not always the artists who come to us, correspond to what is expected of them; Exorbitant values, lack of charisma, lack of integration and donation to the show in order to satisfy all generations.
And it is here, that enters a Alentejano of the best quality, who sings and enchants and shows how to please all generations. He tells stories, he talks about Portugal without "bairrismo", he understands what goes on in the world and captures, like few, our feelings.
I speak of Mario Moita, who has already performed several times in the Luso-Brazilian Community in Pernambuco and Brazil".
Vicente Miranda Reis de Melo
  President Council of the Community of Pernambuco, Brazil 2015

Mario is a great lover of his country, so it has developed a Cultural show for Portuguese communities around the world. Of great importance for 2ªs and 3ªs generations to associate History, Culture and Music.

PORTUGAL 360 degrees, is a cultural spectacle that makes us travel for all major regions of Portugal through photos and Videos. Each region is introduced by maps and photos and then presented with a traditional music, highlighting unique aspects such as cork in the Alentejo, the Green Minho wine among many others!


 The presentation of Mário Moita in Campinas was without a doubt one of the most generous comments of the people who watched him, and of course, the silence that we had not been able to enjoy for a long time in a fado show.
Another finding was that the audience did not leave the room before the last song by Mário Moita. The Board of Directors of Casa de Portugal was greeted by the beautiful show presented.
People praised the artist and the way he did the show. A show that was not expected by most. Even days after the presentation we still met people saying: It was a great spectacle. This Mário Moita is very good. You need to get back to Campinas.
Pedro Peixoto Director of public relations at the Casa de Portugal in Campinas, State of São Paulo, Brazil
We just saw your performance at Jo Soares. It was as good as the show I gave here in Manaus! Very good indeed! We are well represented outside Portugal. It is a pride to have Portuguese like Mario to spread our culture.
Rui Conde President of the Portuguese community of Manaus, 2014

Show presented with great success in the Portuguese communities in Brazil of Campinas-Sp, Recife, Manaus, Santos-SP, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte and Florianopolis

PORTUGAL 360, the Portuguese Show

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